CPI VZU6995AY 500 Watt 17.3-18.4 Ghz

CPI VZU6995AY 500 Watt 17.3-18.4 Ghz

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This CPI TWTA provides 500W on power in a 5RU package, digital ready for wideband, single- and multi-carrier satellite services in 17.3-18.4GHz frequency band. Ideal for transportable and fixed Earth Station applications where space and prime power are at premium.


-       Output power 500W in DBS-band
-       High Efficient
-       User-friendly microprocessor-controlled
-       Modular design
-       Covering 17.3-18.4GHz bandwidth
-       Weight 43kgs (95lbs)
-       Dimensions 19.0 x 8.875 x 24inch (483 x 222 x 610inch)


-       Integral Linearizer
-       1RU Remote Control Panel
-       Redundant and Power Combined Subsystems


-       Mounting Slides
-       Remote M&C panel