NovelSat NS2000 DeModulators

NovelSat NS2000 DeModulators

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The Novelsat NS2000 Satellite Demodulator is designed to receive signals broadcast in the NS3 and NS4* modulation schemes and demodulate the signal to a transport stream outputted via ASI or TS/IP output. The transport stream can then be fed into an IRD such as a PBI DCH-5200 Professional Satellite Receiver and finally decoded in video and audio. The Novelsat NS2000 Satellite Demodulator is typically used to receive any transmission broadcast in NS3 or NS4, typically broadcast by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) utilise NS3 modulation and require a Novelsat NS2000 Satellite Demodulator to decode the signal.

The popularity of Novelsat’s NS3 technology is increasing and may international sports and news broadcasts are migrating the the format. Recent events  either currently or planning to utilise Novelsat’s NS3 modulation are the FIFA World Cup 2014, Formula 1 Motor Racing, English Premier League, Rugby World Cup 2015, and the Rio Olympic Games. Novelsat’s NS3 technology provides broadcasters with the ability to either reduce their satellite bandwidth requirements or increase the quality or quantity of channels while maintaining their current bandwidth allocation.


  • Compatible with the innovative NS3 protocol
  • DVB-S2 (EN302-307) compliant Data rate up to 365 Mbps
  • DDC – Dynamic Distortion Compensator, highly effective in non -inear channels
  • Dual-channel mode
  • Extended L-Band 950 – 2150 MHz IF output mode 50 – 180 MHz 10 MHz reference In/Out
  • Dual ASI output interface
  • Dual Ethernet 1Gb output interface ACM mode